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My name is Peter Luchsinger and I’m the owner and founder of Pal Photography. I’m an Anchorage, Alaska wedding and portrait photographer that travels all over the state and Lower 48 to photograph weddings and portraits.

My philosophy on photography is to have fun and let the real you come out in the photograph. My style covers a wide range of degrees. It can be the traditional look for wedding portriats and business portraits. It can the be the fun children portraits when we are running around the park or the motorcycle engagement session driving around town.

One of the things that sets me apart from other wedding photographers in Anchorage is that every wedding client that books with Pal Photography receives free portrait sittings for life. I call the program Pal for Life it means that after the wedding all that you have to pay for is the prints not my time. So for wedding clients that means when you want family portraits you don’t have to pay my session fee. Why have a photographer for a day when you could have one for the rest of your life.